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Dizzy Ducklings
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Connected Baby


The Connected Baby film


A documentary film demonstrates just how connected babies are to other people. It guides moment-by-moment through the subtle shifts in babies’ movements, expressions and attention.  We observe babies in the most ordinary of activities and begin to see the hidden sophistication of babies’ capacities, even at the youngest of ages.

The film has been purchased as gift for parents welcoming new babies into their lives.


Teddies & Tigers – Partings & reunions


The series contains three streamed videos of partings and reunions in nursery to help build emotional resilience in nursery aged children

Partings and reunions / drop-offs and pick-ups are the most important moments in a child’s day at nursery and are big emotional transitions.

What behaviours might we look out for that can tell us what a child is feeling and what they need help with? 

  • Reunion with mum

  • Parting from mum

  • Parting from dad

Guide to Attachment


Attachment – the need that all babies have to know that someone will share their fears and joys. The guide uses the analogy of ‘Sabre Tooth Tigers & Teddy Bears’ to make the ideas that lie at the core of the attachment theory understandable for everyone.


Dances of Connections


We call the films ‘dances’ in order to highlight the way that all interactions between two people are a kind of dance. The science of infancy is helping us to map the rhythms and movements of that dance, and to understand how the smoothness of the dance between a baby and his/her carers has an impact on the long-term development of the baby’s brain, emotional well-being, and health.



Term time only

240 Rashee Rd, Ballyclare, BT39 9JQ

A Crèche is provided and Payment is by donation

Contact Adelyn on 07428692808 to book a place on this course

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