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Family Focus is a non-profit, Voluntary Community Organization and a fully independant charity which works with any family irrespective of faith and belief. All its work is based on a policy of offering objective and impartial support to all which can be clearly seen in all our equal opportunities policies.


Unlike statutory bodies who often limit client support to a maximum period of time, our workers have no set limits and are available by phone during office hours or answer-phone in addition to one-to-one or group meetings. The work of BFF compliments that of statutory agencies, rather than in any way duplicating it. It can be described as prevention as well as partnership.

Our Vision

Our vision is a harmonious and vibrant community which values family life: people feel accepted, confident and secure, engage productively in community life and have hope for the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is working collaboratively to connect individuals and families in the Ballyclare and surrounding area with support and resources that encourage healthy family life.

"Our family support work, which has a Christian ethos, enables the team to help families, often in times of great difficulty and chaos, for as long as they need us.

The work involves us working directly with some of the more vulnerable members of our community. We do so in the full knowledge and confidence that we carry with us the prayers, kindness and support of so many"

Adelyn Carr

Project CoOrdinator


Meet The Team

Adelyn photo.jpg

Adelyn Carr

Founder of Family Focus

Centre manager

Marion photo.jpg

Marion McCallion

 Director of Family Focus

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